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While we are all learning how to live in the new normal, we wanted to share these music streaming Channels to keep our community entertained and connected.  Have some drinks and get to know everyone near and far.

Once venues reopen, on a regular basis, we will make our club listing available. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Faith in the Glitch

Faith In the Glitch

Electroswing / Dark Synthwave / VGM Remixes

Normally Streams Tues / Wed / Thurs.  Check out his schedule on his channel

Sean Templar

The Red Party NYC with DJ Sean Templar

Post Punk / Deathrock / Goth / 80’s

This Channel normally streams twice a week and does a Sunday brunch. 


Dave bats

Release the Bats with Dave Bats

Deathrock / Goth / Post Punk / 80’s

Streaming once a month and as a guest DJ on other streaming events.  Check their Facebook Page for any upcoming streams.

Luna Negra


Goth Nights with Bands and/or DJ’s

Luna Negra streams twice a week.  Please see their events calendar.

Kale Shelter

Kale Shelter with Hi- Fi Hillary

Synth / Post Punk / New Wave / Alternative / Goth

This Stream is every Thurs. at 8 pm EST.



Ska / Punk / Post-punk / Reggae / Deathrock

DJs Ralphie Nigma, Krieg, Ketamina, and Dolly Danger.

Stream monthly, check their calendar for details.

Martin Oldgoth

Goth / Post Punk 

This Channel normally streams once a week.

subscribe on twitch for alerts! 


DJ Cyberpagen

Goth / Deathrock

Thursday 8:00 PM – midnight 

Sunday 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

(Central Europe Time) 

Viktor Nova

Darkwave/ EBM/ Goth/ Darksynth/ Synthwave

New Monday: Dance to new dark music, spun by DJs n0vatron and sea_wraith

Monday – 9:00 PM – 1:00 AM PDT 

PHANTASM: Stompy EBM/aggrotech/industrial/darksynth w/DJ SAVAK & n0vatron

Saturday – 9:00 PM – 3:00 AM PDT

DJ Scary Lady Sarah


subscribe on twitch for alerts! 

DJ Miz Margo

Dark Danse / Goth / Deathrock / Grave Wave

Tune in Tuesday’s from 8:30 PM-1:00 AM PST

DJ Eser

DJ Eser

Darkwave / Postpunk / New Wave / Synthpop / Goth / Punk Rock