“We came for a land far away. A humble band wanting to do it big in the great country that is America. We needed a company to help sort out any dramas that we might run into in regards to transport, accommodation, flights, and photography.  And out of the great distance came a helping hand. TOUR FIEND was there to help. With their incredible devotion into helping touring bands and their vast, extensive knowledge for getting us what we needed with the small budget that we had you can bet your sweet butt we’ll be acquiring their services next time we’re on tour.”

Nator Creptter, Creptter Children

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Robby D-Tox, D-Tox

“I needed to play a show in Vegas and wanted to get the best deal on A hotel room for the weekend.  Everything was looking pretty pricey.  Getting down to the wire, Tour Fiend stepped in and saved the day.  Got us a great deal on a hotel room, close to the venue with great parking right infront of the door.  We arrived at the gig early for sound check and played an awesome set, its an experience I will never forget.  Im Serious, use Tour Fiend if you wanna get the best prices on rooms and dont wanna break the bank.  Thanks Tour Fiend!”

Jak Syn, Jak S.Y.N. Music