Goth/ Darkwave/ Industrial

With his technical and creative approach to Djing, Spheric continues to paint a new sound palate at the events throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. He brings a forward-thinking methodology by mixing dark cutting edge and functional obscure sounds with sprinkles of mutated nostalgia along with live remixes. Somehow, he can create different worlds of sound based on the club’s theme of genres whether its goth, darkwave, industrial, noise, dark techno and minimal wave. This curating is nothing new as he draws from his past as a promoter and Dj/Producer from the Friction events in Los Angeles and surrounding areas during the early 90s. It was the same philosophy then as it is now. After his long hiatus, he is emerging organically within the scene while leaving traces of his live recordings of his sets from clubs such as 7ven, Klub Transmission, Playground Twist, and Distorted Disco.