Morbid Kitty

Industrial/ Darkwave/ Synthpop

DJ MorbidKitty launched her musical career in February of 2003 and has taken her musical endeavors around the country. Beginning in Sacramento with the local Goth and electronic clubs, she later went on to take her music to the underground rave scene of Los Angeles. From Los Angeles she went on to play Goth festivals such as Convergence, around Midwest and Southwest states ranging from Colorado, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and settled in Oklahoma working with events there for a few years before relocating to Salt Lake City in 2017. Working as a resident DJ and assistant manager to Batcave SLC, her focus is to take the scene to another level by increasing the exposure of new music through teamwork, working with bands breaking into the scene and assisting local artists by putting them into spotlights. All efforts being made are to try and breathe new life into support for the music, arts and the community.