Batcave SLC

Gothic/ Darkwave/ Industrial/ Post-Punk

Created and birthed on April 13, 2016 in Salt Lake City by Dj Reverend23, Batcave SLC flapped its wings and has yet to stop flying. With its resident DJ’s (Reverend23, DavidIndustrial and MorbidKitty), manager Reverend23 and assistant manager Morbidkitty, Batcave SLC is taking the club to a whole ‘nother exciting level. Batcave SLC not only maintains part of the principles that the original London Batcave club was founded on, but also breathes new life into it with creative themed nights, a constant rotation of bands (local and out of state) breaking into the Goth and Industrial realms and non-club community events. The basis of Batcave SLC is to put local artists and musicians in the spotlight to breathe life into the music and arts as well as rally the community to support and engage itself.