The Brickbats

Undead Rock & Roll/ Deathrock

In 1995, Corey Gorey (guitar/vocals), DW Friend (drums/backing vocals) and Paul Morden (bass/backing vocals) hit the stages of NYC with their Halloween-themed stage show and their own brand of what they half-jokingly called, “Undead Rock and Roll Music.” A punk-fueled blast tempered with sizzling garage and stomping funereal moments, The Brickbats poured their fake blood and very real sweat into a string of records highlighted by their debut Sing You Dead (1995), Creepy Crawly (1998), and Monster Party (2000). October of 2016, a few months beyond the 20-year anniversary of the release of their debut disc, The Brickbats released a brand new album, Return of the Living Brickbats. With old Brides bandmate Gregjaw on board as bassist, they released a remastered Sing You Dead, plan for the issue of  Let the Goodtimes Rot (unreleased from 2000), as well as other still-unheard tracks, both old and recent recordings from this year.