Neon Kross


For the past 10 years, Los Angeles has harbored a dark musical secret. Neon Kross is all that was brilliant about the 80s with a dark, modern edge. New wave, goth, death rock, post punk..? The genre label is as irrelevant as it is flexible. Coming out of the subculture shadows, Neon Kross is establishing its sound and commanding a devout following.

In 2007, John McCoy of Pins and Needles and Daniel DeLeon of Rezurex, Deep Eynde, and The Insaints realized their desire to create melodic synth rock songs that were melodious, romantic, eerie, and mirthful.  Influenced by Billy Idol, The Damned, Flock of Seagulls, and Gary Numan, Neon Kross is not a copy-cat but rather a retrospective musical force likewise influenced by classic sci-fi and horror movie themes. The first release, Not Human, in 2010 saw NK invited to play Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany to an enthusiastic crowd.

Following the departure of McCoy, the band released Dimensions in 2012 with the addition of Mexico City bassist Dan Zombie of Niño Zombi. Dimensions was a reworking of songs from Not Human plus new tunes such as “Downtown” whose video was filmed in on location in Mexico City by Artcore films.  NK continued to build their international following with shows in Mexico City.

Ten years in, NK has released Darkness Falls. The latest album continues as a variation on a theme, finding the NK sound heavier and more romantic in the poetic sense. The addition of Harley Mace of Shadow Image has darkened the rhythm section creating an album that is sure to become a dancefloor staple. Their recent performance at NYC’s Murder of Crows has set them as a premier band on the US dark music scene.