Coffin Draggers

photo2Spawned by a Pentecostal preacher, a Vietnam Vet and a Freemason….. Gator McMurder, Robert Frank and Vincent Malouf are Coffin Draggers!

Gator McMurder’s upright bass styling is rooted in that old Devil music called rockabilly, but like the extreme lengths of the thorny blaspheme vine he tears away from tradition and reaches far beyond the restrictions of purists. While caressing his upright bass in an erotic trance his vocals conjure up feelings of lust and sin! McMurder’s twisted and macabre lyrics would make the most holy and blessed need to repent and be baptized….. again and again and again!

Robert Frank’s drumming is as steady and driving as machine gun fire! The sounds erupting from his set of wooden cannons are reminiscent of grenades and bombs bursting in the night at perfectly timed intervals…. driving the beat like a tank into battle. The blast from Robert Frank’s cymbals is that of metal thunder riding the wind and crashing in the sky.

Vincent Malouf’s skill with the guitar reminds one of a master craftsman constructing a solid fortress with a wall of sound. His playing style is a ritual of fingers and strings which in turn gives him a degree for metal and blues! Though he is at a younger age than McMurder and Frank, Vincent has embraced his musical tools just as a highly experienced architect would do of the compass and square.