Formed in the early 1980’s in Los Angeles by Larry Rainwater, Linda Patti and David Rhine. They forged a sound on the darker and more macabre side of alternative music. Incorporating drum machines and keyboards with heavy guitars and rock dance beats. Gothic, Industrial Goth Rock contact 479-366-9332


Marching Dynamics

Electronic/ IDM/ Dubstep                                                 Influences:  abecedarians chris & cosey click click coil he said wire duetemmo adam johnson quench mr.projectile funckarma michael fakesch Trentemøller alva noto amon tobin benfrost shriekback senking dark vector freddy fresh the birthday party simple minds blastromen sixth comm dynamik bass system touchin’ bass exzakt meerkat boris divide volsoc scape one crime & the city solution porcupine tree this mortal coil soulweaver the secret frequency crew rd nomadic hanz platzgumer curtis mayfield monolake danny norbury rhythm and noise red temple spirits david darling parliment zapp & roger tuxedomoon alien sex fiend bauhaus tones on tail gridlock embodi mothboy murcof luke vibert meat beat manifesto clark yello propaganda download herbie hancock clan of xymox jon hassell architect broken fabiola abc cindytalk  


 Press Contact:  vjpsyop@gmail.com

For booking contact: www.facebook.com/shane.davidadalat

Hyena Motorcade

422254_351980521546252_1166609726_nPost-Punk Revival

Hyena Motorcade was formed in Orange County, CA during the summer of 2009 by Ric Kaley and Mark Allen with bassist Art Agunod joining Ric and Mark shortly afterwards after the Mixed Martial Arts media group TapouT Magazine/MMA Worldwide where Mark worked was about to wrap filming on their weekly series set to be aired on HDNet. The show’s Executive Director and Cannes Film Festival Award winner James Hergott approached Mark in regards to placing the band in the show’s soundtrack after hearing a rough guitar demo of what was later to be the song “Shadows”. The band went straight into the studio to record the track which was included in six of the season’s ten episodes and the positive attention the song and band received from the TV show was enough to warrant the band continuing to write new material and to solidify the band lineup for live shows with bands such as Bow Wow Wow and The Fixx…

The current band lineup consists of:

Ric Kaley (Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone)

Mark Allen (Guitar)

Art Agunod (Bass)

Alberto Campos (Drums)






Management/Legal Counsel- Angular Music Solutions- Mr. Robert Duzey, Attorney at Law

Booking- Mark Allen markmatthewallen@hotmail.com

Former Humans


Former Humans was launched in the early Summer of 2012 by guitarist Mark Allen (Hyena Motorcade/BloodPenny), vocalist Brandon Anderson (The Widowed/Johnny Dahmer) and drummer Alberto Campos (Babylonian Tiles). After going through a couple of lineup changes at the bass position, James Hendrix (Sleepmask) joined the group in the Summer of 2013 and solidified the permanent band lineup moving forward. Former Humans went public with a radio interview on Darkest Radio preceeding their live performance debut in August of 2012 at The California Institute of Abnormalarts (CIA) in North Hollywood with Elvorian and the Veins, Dominion and Strychnine FX. Since that time the band has played shows and festivals all over the state, both headlining and also opening for iconic artists such as Midge Ure (Ultravox), Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow), ABC, Kommunity FK, 45 Grave, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, and many others.

The band is preparing to record their debut EP at Kitten Robot Studios with Paul Roessler (45 Grave, Nina Hagen, Screamers, Mike Watt, Josie Cotton) at the boards by the end of 2013.




Booking- Mark Allen, markmatthewallen@hotmail.com

Management- Angular Music Solutions/Robert Duzey, robertduzey@yahoo.com


Kommunity FK

KFKDeathrock/ GothPunk

Kommunity FK was created by Patrik Mata in 1978 in the midst of the LA punk explosion.
Unknowingly, Patrik’s new musical genre became a cross between post punk against a darker gloom that became the genesis of American gothic/deathrock.  Kommunity FK’s beginnings were raw. Mata’s influences of William S. Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, and early Bowie were woven through a dreamy musical side combined with experimental synthesized art punk. Mata’s visionary soundscapes were all his own.

The original pronunciation of Mata’s new creation was “Kommunity Fuck”.
Very daring for the time when the later part of the band name was the top word of what was then known as the FCC’s ‘seven words not to be uttered’ list. Changed by Mata to “Kommunity FK” so promoters back in the day had no problem placing the headliners name on their marquees.

The FK has stuck throughout the decades ever since the bands live performance inception. KOMMUNITY FK has performed second billing to many ov the UK Goth bands that have toured throughout the United States, especially on the West Coast , during the very first wave ov the Gothik & Batcave era & you can read this long list on their official website through the link shown below.

Patrik Mata, now fully armed with his own recording studio (Vision & The Voice Studios) where Mata has continued Kommunity FK as a groundbreaker within the world of music.
Mata not only records new Kommunity FK pieces and remixes at the Vision & The Voice Studios daily, but also works for clientelle such as movie sound tracks and other artist material.
Mata also DJs for numerous clubs including the first reopening of the Los Angeles based “Bat Cave”.

Kommunity FK performs internationally and records new material in the same tradition as they always have since 1978- But now with a 21st Century Deathrock twist.

For more about this legendary Deathrock/gothPunk group, who is celebrating their 36th anniversary as one ov the original founders ov Amerikan Deathrock, visit the websites shared below:




You can also Google the FK out ov Kommunity FK & Patrik through fathoms ov pages that feature endless links about them both.

Vain Machine

vm_logo_whiteElectronic /EBM /Industrial

Established in 2013 by Beau Baker and Omar Quinones. Vain Machine’s signature sound features dirty-driving basslines, sweeping pads, razor sharp leads and rhythmic electronic percussion with catchy melodies. Song lyrics vary between science, deprivation, observation, plotting, love and loss. Vain Machine is inspired by EBM and industrial based music following such groups VNV Nation, De/Vision, In Strict Confidence, and Kraftwerk, among others.


Coffin Draggers

photo2Spawned by a Pentecostal preacher, a Vietnam Vet and a Freemason….. Gator McMurder, Robert Frank and Vincent Malouf are Coffin Draggers!

Gator McMurder’s upright bass styling is rooted in that old Devil music called rockabilly, but like the extreme lengths of the thorny blaspheme vine he tears away from tradition and reaches far beyond the restrictions of purists. While caressing his upright bass in an erotic trance his vocals conjure up feelings of lust and sin! McMurder’s twisted and macabre lyrics would make the most holy and blessed need to repent and be baptized….. again and again and again!

Robert Frank’s drumming is as steady and driving as machine gun fire! The sounds erupting from his set of wooden cannons are reminiscent of grenades and bombs bursting in the night at perfectly timed intervals…. driving the beat like a tank into battle. The blast from Robert Frank’s cymbals is that of metal thunder riding the wind and crashing in the sky.

Vincent Malouf’s skill with the guitar reminds one of a master craftsman constructing a solid fortress with a wall of sound. His playing style is a ritual of fingers and strings which in turn gives him a degree for metal and blues! Though he is at a younger age than McMurder and Frank, Vincent has embraced his musical tools just as a highly experienced architect would do of the compass and square.



email: gatormcmurder@gmail.com


Dryspell U.S.

1218257dark alternative

Inspired by many great melodic and driving  bands from the 70’s, 80’s

formed by: Nathan Krause on vocals and  guitars, Michael Morris on guitars, Kelly Nelms on bass guitar, and Tom Walsh on drums

For booking: 949-467-1434

Vertigo Shock

Industrial/ Rock

The musical brainchild of Los Angeles personality Saehwan Lafayette Koo, has been delivering their distinctly theatrical sound to the world since 2002.
It is a fusion of raw talent and a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde syndrome, dubbed “Mad Scientist Electronic”.
Having performed with names like My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Pig Face, Genitorturers, Shiny Toy Guns, The Enigma Sideshow, and Brothers Grim Sideshow, Vertigo Shock offers a universally accessible alternative tone, while at the same time reviving and preserving the grinding synthesizer-driven sound and feeling of their subversive musical forefathers, Vertigo Shock’s performance seamlessly combines candidly personal music with an almost shockingly genuine portrayal of fetishistic visuals and emotions to create an overall animalistic spectacle that will engage all of your senses and leave you feeling hungry for more.




Neon Kross


For the past 10 years, Los Angeles has harbored a dark musical secret. Neon Kross is all that was brilliant about the 80s with a dark, modern edge. New wave, goth, death rock, post punk..? The genre label is as irrelevant as it is flexible. Coming out of the subculture shadows, Neon Kross is establishing its sound and commanding a devout following.

In 2007, John McCoy of Pins and Needles and Daniel DeLeon of Rezurex, Deep Eynde, and The Insaints realized their desire to create melodic synth rock songs that were melodious, romantic, eerie, and mirthful.  Influenced by Billy Idol, The Damned, Flock of Seagulls, and Gary Numan, Neon Kross is not a copy-cat but rather a retrospective musical force likewise influenced by classic sci-fi and horror movie themes. The first release, Not Human, in 2010 saw NK invited to play Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany to an enthusiastic crowd.

Following the departure of McCoy, the band released Dimensions in 2012 with the addition of Mexico City bassist Dan Zombie of Niño Zombi. Dimensions was a reworking of songs from Not Human plus new tunes such as “Downtown” whose video was filmed in on location in Mexico City by Artcore films.  NK continued to build their international following with shows in Mexico City.

Ten years in, NK has released Darkness Falls. The latest album continues as a variation on a theme, finding the NK sound heavier and more romantic in the poetic sense. The addition of Harley Mace of Shadow Image has darkened the rhythm section creating an album that is sure to become a dancefloor staple. Their recent performance at NYC’s Murder of Crows has set them as a premier band on the US dark music scene.


Street Cleaner

Darksynth/ Outrun/ Synthwave

Only one man strikes fear in the souls of the human garbage that walk the streets at night, Only one man is brave enough to take on the pathetic trash that plague our city and prey on the weak. And that man is the Street Cleaner.





Electro Industrial/ Synth-Pop / Futurepop

With similarities to bands such as Blaqk Audio, Wolfsheim, VNV Nation, and Aesthetic Perfection, Electro Industrial Synth-Pop / Futurepop Band Wiccid was created by Erie Loch, known for his extensive studio, songwriting, video and remix work for bands like Ministry, Pig, Revolting Cocks, Lords of Acid, Front Line Assembly, Scum Of The Earth, Tweaker, Velvet Acid Christ, Prong, Primitive Race, Ego Likeness, and more, as well as his work with members of bands like Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Faith No More, Mission UK, Peter Murphy and many others.





Dance With The Dead

Horror/ Synthwave/ Metal

Dance with the Dead is a electronic based music duo by Justin Pointer and Tony Kim based out of Orange County, California.  Inspired by retrospective movies and music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80s, they’re sound reflects heavily on the analog synthesizer sounds, and early heavy metal guitars.  They released they’re debut record “Out of Body” on October 31st to great reviews in the synth wave, metal, and EDM communities alike.  They quickly followed up with the EP “Into the Abyss” 4 months later which had a darker mood to it and explode their ability to write orchestral score pieces.  August, 2014 saw the second full length released titled “Near Dark” which furthered their pressing stamp on the synth scene with such cross over hits like “Andromeda” and “Invader”.  Going against normal record cycle rules, they released yet another EP release titled “Send the Signal” in December 2014. They played their first live show in January, 2015 in Los Angeles CA, and decided to pursue Dance with the Dead as a live performance act and not just a studio duo.  By November 2015, they were headlining shows in their first European tour. February saw the anticipated release of their 5th release and 3rd full length record “The Shape”  with great reception and buzz.  By September of 2016 they were headlining shows in France, Belgium, Russia, Talin, Riga, Belarus, and the USA and started to incorporate live guitar in their show.  In their live shows and studio recordings they use a hybrid of Soft synths and Hardware.  In january of 2017, they released the full length record “B-Sides: Volume 1” which composed of some material that was either never officially released by DWTD themselves, or unreleased material written between 2012-2016.  As of early 2017 the duo has tours planned USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Russia, Belarus, Riga, Talin, and Scotland.  They are expected to release their 4th official full length in early 2018.



Booking Contact:

Artist Group International


Dreamwave / Synthwave

Hailing from Los Angeles, Glitbiter arrived on the synthwave scene as an enigmatic presence, with an even more enigmatic sound. Her initial offerings were an intoxicating mix of aggressively beautiful melodies, and haunting, ethereal vocals. Her Short Stories EP, and single, “See You in the Trees” are a spellbinding blend of “dreamy synthwave for the dark soul”—as described by herself— and quickly caught on with synth fans, blogs, and other artists.

Performing live, her music’s enchanting, dreamlike quality is even more undeniable. She has become an LA synthwave mainstay, while bewitching performances at Echosynthetic Fest and opening for The Midnight have left audiences fiending for more.