WOW!  What can I say.  I have been a part of the Alternative Music Scene since 1984.  My first taste was seeing Exene Cervenka reading poetry to the guitar playing of John Doe at the Anti-Club, in Hollywood California.  I was very lucky to have gotten off to a good start so early in my life.  from there it was nothing but nightlife and clubs.  first it was the all age “Gothic” club in Huntington Beach, CA, Old World. Then it was off to Zombie Zoo and Helter Skelter in LA.  After about four years of being a club goer, I started working as a dancer and coat check girl at the world famous, Peanuts, in West Hollywood.  I danced for two clubs in that location; Sin-A-Matic, and Michelle’s XXX Revue.  Come 1996 I ventured into the Rave Scene that was totally blossoming.  I gotta tell ya it was a great time.  I enjoyed that for about 5 years, and then started to think what I was going to do now.

Of coarse I was working regular jobs thought these years of fun, but I needed to plan for a career.  So, I slowed down for a bit and decided to go back to school.  I graduated in 2006 with a degree in business.   from there I knew I wanted to be a business owner.  Tour Fiend is my dream made reality.